2012 At A Glance

The new year is drawing near.

The last 11 and a half months has been running too fast and life has taught me more than it did in the previous year. The days wasn’t always bright as it wasn’t always grey either. However, through all the good and bad times during the last few months, life has changed me much that I wasn’t someone I once was.

I remembered my childhood when my biggest fears was how to dealt with mathematics exam. I remembered the old time people like to be around me because I was someone who cheered them up. I remembered I was someone people always searched for in time of sadness and sorrow. Because I was the one who made them laughed. Because I was the one who made them giggled over the problems.

It has never been changed until I reached my adult times when trials was something started to be familiar with. And the fears gone way more complex than before. I fell into pieces and went astray many times. Then I started to change into someone I barely know.

Broken heart made me built my wall higher that it made me stronger yet more vulnerable inside. Betrayal made me believe that people are better to be trusted through their action than words.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future – Paul Boesse

I learned that people come and go in life. I couldn’t resist of feeling loss yet grateful for them who stays with me during the hard times.

Love has taught me to walk on by faith and trust despite the uncertainty lies ahead me.  Then loving someone unconditionally came into new meaning – it’s to let someone break in your wall and get hurt while at the same time you trust your heart on his hand.

Time has shaped me into what I am today. I have no regret of every mistakes I had made during the years. I thankful of every failure that taught me how to do things better each and every time. I thankful of every journey  I had made ( Bangkok, Tokyo 🙂 ). I thankful of every dreams that came true. I thankful for those who hurts me and those who loves me. For I learned to put my trust and step my path carefully. To hold and walk hands in hands with the person I trust, the one who has my heart.
The new year is drawing near. And I am welcoming it with full heart and gratitude.
Jakarta, December 21st, 2012. 12.12 PM