C’est La Vie

Life is grand. Life is precious.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans – John Lennon

It took me sometimes to finally understand the meaning of what John Lennon had said. I used to spent (too) many times regretting the past and worrying on what might happens in the future and by then I failed to appreciate the present time. I got eaten inside by those miserable feelings I am holding on, and the way I react hurts people more than I could imagine.

Moving on was not an easy things to do, yet life goes on. You still have those bills and needs and deadline and other things to do. You’re still alive. You don’t have any choice but to stay alive and keep walking on despite on how hurtful the path you step in. And letting go is the hardest part of moving on. It takes braveness, it takes big heart to let bad things happens to you and to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for being weak, for being powerless, and for being miserable. You will find yourself in a series of sleepless night, silent cries, fake smiles, and the I-am-okay body gesture just to convince everyone that you are okay.

If it’s what it takes to move on, just take it.

Many people out there would pay for the life you have lived. People with severe cancers, or poor people, or old people who can’t walk anymore. They want to have your legs, want to have your hands, your fingers, your eyes, your brain. They want to have a healthy body. They want to be you.

So, appreciate every moments, live it as you will die tomorrow. Love yourself more than yesterday, and you will feel whole again. Be thankful. Be grateful. Life is cruel, is not fair, but it’s precious. And this is life – c’est la vie.