Being Human

Feeling happy and content is a part of being human, as well as feeling sad and miserable. Those two times in life happens in an unpredictable ways. We can easily handle ourselves in happy moments, while we are struggling to handle the sad times. Some of those who believes in making positive thoughts can bring back the smiles will make a lot of it as an attempt to make them feel better. But in the other hands, making too many positive thoughts and pretending you are okay will lead you to a manipulative situations, you are smiling while having a large whole inside your heart. And if you let this things happens, those sad feelings inside will blows out and causing a physical sickness.

How to overcome the sad feelings is just by, feel it and live with it. It’s okay to cry because through tears you let go all of the burdens inside.

Let yourself go.

There is a book that particularly discussing on how important to make a balance in dealing with your positive and negative moments.

More than any other generation, Americans of today believe in the trans formative power of positive thinking. But who says we’re supposed to be happy? Where does it say that in the Bible, or in the Constitution? In Against Happiness, the scholar Eric G. Wilson argues that melancholia is necessary to any thriving culture, that it is the muse of great literature, painting, music, and innovation—and that it is the force underlying original insights. Francisco Goya, Emily Dickinson, Marcel Proust, and Abraham Lincoln were all confirmed melancholics. So enough Prozac-ing of our brains. Let’s embrace our depressive sides as the wellspring of creativity. What most people take for contentment, Wilson argues, is living death, and what the majority takes for depression is a vital force. In Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy, Wilson suggests it would be better to relish the blues that make humans people.

The book simply saying that feeling sad is okay and there are moments where we don’t have to push ourselves too hard to create  positive thoughts.

In fact, feeling sad is a part of being human :).

When we are in sadness, it’s okay to shed a tears and cry, rather than pulling those feelings inside, put a mask and telling everyone that you are okay. A thing to remember is, when you have done crying, take yourself out from your gray area and enjoy your day. Have yourself a moment to cherish the time. Eat plenty of good food, listens to music, shops, spend times with your loved ones, families, close friends and sip the fresh air outside. Just remember that sad moments won’t last forever.


Against Happiness : In Praise of Melancholy is a book written by Eric G Wilson, is the Thomas H. Pritchard Professor of English at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The recipient of several important awards, including a National Humanities Center year-long fellowship, he is the author of five books on the relationship between literature and psychology.

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