Living Life

There are days when everything in life is so confusing. There are times when you are in constant gray feelings and couldn’t drag yourself out from it.

I have been dealing with major emotional turbulence for the past few days. There were sudden changes happened in my working and personal life, and it effected me so much that it ruined the wall of my emotional defense. I had no choice but lived the moment. It’s was a giant leap and I didn’t prepare myself much for it.

And here I am now, sipping my confusion and digesting my feelings, to then determine what’s the best to do. The days ahead wouldn’t always be sunny and calming, I know, but it wouldn’t always be raining and stormy forever either, right?.

Life is an endless learning session, we learn to live it through tears and laughter, pains and joys. And from the trials we were shaped into what we are today. There’s no such easy life. But life has much to offers. Each of every choice needs a lot of guts, and only the braves will make it till the end.

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