People come and go in life. Some of them left a beautiful memories, and some of them don’t.

Through times we learn to appreciate their presence, for they bring lesson we wouldn’t realize until they left. Some of them will remain as a good friend, while in the other hand we try so hard to forget the rest who happen to hurt us in every possible way.

They left their footprints in our heart. For a heart-reminder on how life has been so kind and generous to let us meet a lot of people. You might not realize how precious they were, until they left and you don’t have any chance just to say thank you. Thank you for all the smiles that you have shared, for all the tears you have gone through, and for the love you have found along the way.

Their footprints in our life is our treasury, the best thing in life we could ever had. For you can always remember that, in every good and bad times, you will always have somebody to share it with.

Jakarta, November 1st, 2011. 17:53 PM

picture is taken from here

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