Breath The Silence

There are times in life when everything goes blurry and you can’t find where you’re standing at. You can’t find anything that you can hold or a tools to help you walk through the darkness. It’s the cold air on your naked skin, the fear that suddenly fills up every veins, and the silence that brings undefinable loneliness inside your heart.

Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream

But no one seems to hear a thing (Katy Perry ~ Firework)

And at the same time, the world goes round like it used to be. Sun rising, birds chirping, people walking in a rush, cars honking, phone ringings, and you still feel the deep silence within. You are dragged here and there by the crowd and all you want is just a quiet moment where there are only you, and your heart.

To think nothing but silence.  Smell nothing but silence, and breath nothing but silence.

There are times when you are longing for a very quiet moment of thinking that would indulge your every senses, so you can finally find how to put every pieces back in the place where they belong.

And there are times in life when you feel that constant silence, so you would have enough time to blame yourself for being such silly, for being not understandable and being childish at the same time.

Don’t worry, dear. There are times when people whom do you think is the happiest person on earth and would never (seen) feeling sad, will experience the same.

And don’t worry, dear. You won’t be in the loneliness forever, as the sound of the last rain drop on your roof house will break  the silence. By the time it’s coming,  let’s hold my hands and we’ll go to the place where the sun rising beautifully, together.


Jakarta, 5.13PM. Heading to weekend.


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