Well, it has been 3 days since we entered 2011, and many many things had happened in my life during 2010. Some of it were hard, and painful, yet the rest is joyful and if  I may say, musical.

Best thing happened in 2010 was when I met my future husband, Andrie Firmansyah, the one whom I will marry in less than 5 weeks. It was a great honor and pleasure to have met him. I am so blessed for he is the one that can lead me to be a better person, who is having the highest patience in the world to overcome my extreme swinging moods, and who is loving me for the way I am. Loving him in return is the best part of my life ever since.

The journey ahead may not be easy, but I know I walk it with the right person, and I am looking forward to spend this year and another years to come with you, dear.

I love you.

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