A (little) Update in Life

Ya ya, it’s has been quite sometime since the last time I updated this blog. Not that I am losing ideas or stories, but most likely all the postings that is nearly reach its end line has been in draft box for months. I just lost the will to write, haha. Truth to be told, I’m now addicted to twitter and foursquare. Yes find me here and there. Feel free to follow me or add me if you are also an active user of those two social media πŸ˜€

Well, writing in 140 characters is a lot more easier when you have a lot of simple thoughts suddenly crossing mind, and that’s what I did. I can easily tweet in any possible way I can, and gained knowledge and also make friends through it. But beware, tweet carefully and respect others too, keep the freedom of speaking on top of all matters, and that is why I am keeping my private thoughts away from public :D.

And despite of those social media that has stolen my willingness-to-update-my blog, there’s some major changes happened in my life that entirely took my focus and concentration. That major changes happened only in a blink of an eye. Yes, a blink in an eye. I was nearly married and walking down the aisle with the man that used to be my boyfriend for the last 7 years. We were having on and off relationship, had long distance relationship for 2 years, and when we decided to get marry in the end of 2009, considerations came in mind was that we were always together and could stand still for whatever coming our way. Yet, marriage is not that simple.

Something bad happened along the way and under some short of period, I decided to cancel the wedding plan. It took, err.. 2 days of hibernation and I came up with my final decision :). The hardest moment was when I had to confirmed my decision to mom and dad. Surprisingly they were okay with that and let me having my moment to cry. The best advise coming from them was, when you decided to get marry, do it when you are truly ready and with the person you love, trust and respect. And unfortunately, I’ve lost those value :(. In a way to escape from the painful moment, I decided to went traveling and had some fresh air. Jogja is in the first list of the city I would like to visit. I took 5 days of leave and spent it with old friends, had a contemplation moment, and find my own version of refreshment.

After the holiday, I came back to Jakarta with new spirit and new points of view. Thank God the marriage cancellation happened before everything goes any worse, and there was no financial lost in my side or his side, since we had not book any wedding vendors. And the highest gratitude was because I managed to went through the horrible moment quite well with the supports from my family and beloved friends. I wouldn’t have any idea if I had to face it by myself. I am surrounded by many many precious people. How truly blessed I am.

It has been couple months since that moment, and now I see it as a part of life that makes my life become more colorful than before. It was a test, a life exam, and I passed. Best thing to have after that is I could fly higher than before, and I spread my wings wider.

In a way to find new environment and make friends, I was fortunately invited to join Kopdar Jakarta, it’s a blogger community and the members are they who lives in Jakarta area and its surrounding. The first event I joined was Kopdar Asoy Soyjoy in Wetiga, held in the purpose of giving vote and supports @dimasnovriandi as one of the finalist of Soyjoy Healthylicious program from SoyJoy Indonesia. The kopdar night was fun, and I managed to made friends with a lot of new person. I also joined their mailing list, and also Indonesian Foursquare mailing list which enabled me to get to know more person. Joining this community also encouraged me to update my blog as most likely all the member updated their blog regularly :D, some of them also made a comment to my last post which I wrote in 2009, and I felt flattered by that, hihi.. By that hopefully I could spend more time to write again in my long lost abandoned blog :D.

And yes, this is quite long stories I successfully made within the last 5 months. I’ve found my confidence, and it feels good to be at the moment where you feel fine after going through the storm, and hard path of life. However, I am excited and curious for any surprises I would find in the future, I really look forward to it :D.

7 thoughts on “A (little) Update in Life

  1. Dian says:

    @ mas aris: iyaah mas, thanks ya πŸ™‚
    @ zulhaq : iyap! percaya banget kalo itu mah, lenih indah kalo waktunya uda tepat πŸ˜€
    @ taufik : hahaha, iyaaa, kok bisa malah ketemuannya di 4sq?? kalo ada kopdar at least jadi ada temen barengan, haha πŸ˜€

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