As the clock is ticking

82117109 As the clock is ticking, and we will left 2008 in only  hours..

This year is the most memorable year in my 25 years of life, as i had to face a very dramatic turnover in life..But still i survive and had manage myself gone through it…hahahaha..

To summarize the things i’ve gone through so far, here is the stories:

1.  Move to Jakarta in early 2008, to pursue a better career and also planning to upgrade the level on my romantism love life.

2. Changed the old santai habit as i used to have previously in Bali and Jogja into a very rush hectic situation in Jakarta.

3. Adapt into being a total and loyal comuter since i am living in suburb area in Tangerang and my office is in Central Jakarta.

3. Join a new community in photography and a beauty class to boost up my self esteem, since it went down extremely as my colleagues and office mates are looks like Barbie every time they goes to work.

4. Bought a baby liss iron to curlying my hair, without realized that you need somebody to do it for you. Now the baby liss is stuck in my drawer.

5. Sadly downgrading the level of romantic love life for a complicated reason. Dont ask why.

6. Travelling regularly to Jogja every 2 months, incidentally and on purpose.

7. Money income faster as a reward of the hard work, but still lack of skill on money management.sigh.

8. Applying for some overseas scholarship. Hopefully it would be awarded to me.

9. Bought a new notebook, but still can’t do blogging regularly.

And here are the hopes for 2009:

1. Would like to have a better money management as a preventive way in facing the global economic crisis.*halah*

2. Would like to have a better chance in job or career.

3. Would put more effort to pursue a higher education level through a scholarship or so.

4. Would love to have a significant changes in romantic love life. Hopefully soon 🙂

5. Would do more action to make mom and dad happy.

That’s all… But overall, i am very grateful of the blessings given to me and family, although i had lost some, friends getting married, this and that, but still His guidance has brought me save.. 🙂

Still i had no plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve, watching Quickie Express is on my plan, hakhakhak..and a moment to pray, to talk with Him on my above list and to thankful for what He has given..

Anyway, may you have a wonderful and prosperous year in 2009 readers, All the best!

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