My 25th

Had spent my 25th today with my precious friends in the most beloved city, Yogyakarta. It was soooo much fun and will catch you up with the stories later on then..already sleepy but still have to do packing since i will be leaving Jogja early tomorrow morning. Feel tired and excited at the same time!

To be continued…

One thought on “My 25th

  1. sTuPiD_CuPiD says:

    sengaja pengin ngucapin met ultahnya disini aja, biar dibaca. klo sms seringnya dicuekin.
    met ultah ya mbaknya…..
    mengamini harapan2mu aja deh pokoknya.
    buruan nikah, biar ada yg ndampingi meraih impian2nya.

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