In between the rapid movements


As I’ve been having a very hectic days lately, office things and a  dear friend coming from Bali, I thought I would not have any chance to think of my self.

Struck in a reality that the year 2008 will  be left in only days, and will welcoming 2009 without any clues of what I am targeting is way too sucks.

In between the rapid movements and fast moving times, I have to manage myself of making another directions or people often call it as personal goals.

Not that my 2008 resolutions had been accomplished, for the god sake, none of it had been reached..huhuhu..none of it, i repeat. But still i love making a resolutions, it just like a tracks that keep you driving your life in the right road.

My 2009 resolutions will already be full loaded as I also add – the yet unreached- 2008 resolutions, plus another goals i want to achieve..haha..

Skills side,  is for sure I would like to have myself having a better skill on money management, and a better skill to manage things in priority. Then, I need to “read more inside me” skills, as I am known as a person who is always put private things beyond others. That’s why I have difficulties in saying “no” to others, and prefer not to listen what the heart  says..Ummm, not that I am learning to be egoistic, but I need that somehow..

For gadget things, I want to have some more gadget. The most wanted gadget is off course BlackBerry, and maybe another notebook. Since my current notebook is always used by father, as he is deeply in love with it and could not manage himself way too far from it, even only for playing games..hahahaha..Private notebook would do me good..

And then, I want to have a companion, whom I can hold his hand through a winding and rainy days ahead. A shoulder as a place to share the days I’ve been through. .an arms who will hold me tight during the scary nights, and a heart… A heart for me to live in…

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