Dedicated to life..

There is sometimes when you feel like you are just lonely, you lost all the sound and the colors surround you.

In fact that I have plenty to do, both at home and work, still those silence keeping me from the real world..this empty part is just waiting to be filled in, and one day, i just shock knowing that i have spent days only for tears, for something that is need to be happen..then i realized that the life itself is not worth spending for the unhappiness heart made by my negatives thought..

Life has giving me a lot, and still giving me its best up to this stage..Gratitude is the best word ever, really works to reduce those such an evil inside me πŸ˜€ …Countless blessing has been given since the first day i was born, and I am thanking God that has create my life full of colours and precious peoples.. πŸ™‚

For sure, I am giving my unspeakable gratitude to life and to the journeys a head..Lets have fun in life!!

3 thoughts on “Dedicated to life..

  1. aza-aza fighting!

    asline saya ndak ngerti isinya apa, cuma ngikutin komen di atas

    *nyengir, katrok dalam urusan boso ngenggres*

  2. …miss me huh?!? *whistling* now you already forget all my “sudden death” uuh?!? piye ta?!? mau kaka apain?!?! sinih sinih balek bali aja… *siyulsiyul*

    uda punya mas zam yang lucu mampus kek begitu kooo…kurang apa lagi coba…. maz zam = indah dunia *siyulsiyullagi*

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